Paper Love

I adore the texture of handmade paper, the misty translucency of watercolor, the feel of a letterpress card under my fingertips, and the elegance of a perfectly formed flourish. In our instant-gratification world, the thought of taking one’s time to create a custom work appeals to the artist in me.

Designing a bespoke wedding invitation suite, custom baby announcement,  monogrammed stationery set, or a whimsical Christmas card that you just know will knock the socks off the recipient is what I love doing most. 

I love the adage everything old is new again and it’s how I approach stationery design. Digital is how it’s done nowadays but marrying that with watercolor illustration, calligraphy mixed with font, hand-tied and wax-sealed packages make for a beautiful package. Like Fräulein Maria, these are a few of my favorite things.

If you’re looking for a custom stationery suite, let’s chat!